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170+ Wonderful Self Care Tips and Idea’s for 2020

Self Care is keeping ourselves happy, fulfilled, and healthy. But we must be very diligent in multiple aspects of our lives, more so in some than others.

Self Care is, “any necessary human regulatory function which is under individual control, deliberate and self-initiated“. My take of this Self Care is, it’s an action, good or bad, you personally take to improve any aspect of your life. Being a part of health and wellness, having a self care plan is important to keep us healthy. Most Self Care ideas will land in any of these pillars below…

  • General fitness
  • Healthy diet and fasting
  • Avoiding smoking, alcohol & drug abuse
  • Personal hygiene
  • Mental hygiene
  • Life extension
  • Pain management
  • Stress management
  • Self-help and personal development

Let’s break down each part and make them easier to digest. I’m not referring to the mostly involuntary actions of our body when eating. But the process of breaking things down into parts, so they are better understood. I will break each of these categories down and give you some self-care tips example for each.

Self care tips for beginners
Self-care Tips for Beginners

1. General Fitness

General fitness not only involves working on the physical body but also the mind. Keep both healthy and strong through training and exercise. Check out this post on losing 10 pounds in 10 days! Most of these tips are straight forward. Self Care Tips and ideas include…

  • Training/Exercise 2 Times a Week
  • Practice Mental Training (memorization & meditation are a few examples)
  • Getting Flexible (both physically & mentally)
  • Swimming
  • Staying Hydrated
  • Stretch those muscles
  • Join a Gym
  • Get Workout Buddy
  • Lose a Few Pounds
  • Practicing Yoga
  • Be Present (let your mind be in the workout 100%)
  • Jogging / Running outside
  • Get 8 Hours of Sleep
  • Learn to Box (great full-body workout)
  • Play a Sport
  • Get a Personal Trainer
  • Donate Blood
  • Create Your Own Workout Space
  • Setting Fitness Goals
  • Getting Some Natural Vitamin D (Taking time to be in the sun)

2. Healthy Diet and Fasting

Healthy diets help keep and improve our health, while fasting might help with weight loss and mental health. Always remember that one of the most important aspects of a healthy body is what we put in. Here are some Self Care ideas. Check out this short read on how to lose 10 pounds in 10 days.

  • Having a balanced diet
  • Stay away from high carbs
  • Having a nutritious breakfast
  • Eating at least 3 meals a day
  • Eat Healthy Snacks
  • Stop having an Unhealthy Breakfast
  • Practice Mindful Eating (Stop multitasking while eating)
  • Load Your Plate With Fruit and Veggies
  • Eat Healthy Fats
  • Add More Vitamins and Minerals To Your Diet
  • Try Some Stress Fighting Supplements
  • Drink Plenty of Water
  • Eat Veggies Like ( Spinach, Broccoli, Kale, Lettuce, Cabbage, Asparagus)
  • Add more protein to your diet
  • Say Hello to Seeds and Nuts
  • Drink Rooibos Tea (This one can actually help you lose weight!)
  • Eating recommended amounts of protein
  • Limit Sugars Intake
  • Avoid Processed Foods
  • Eat Foods that Improve Sleep (Bananas, Almonds, Potatoes, Whole Grain Oats)
  • Staying Hydrated

3. Avoiding Smoking, Alcohol & Drug Abuse

Self-explanatory here, but we can still learn something here even if you don’t drink or use drugs. Anything can become likened to a drug if used and abused often and long enough. Certain food and activities can be just as harmful, the key here is learning our stressor that kicks in our need for a quick fix. Some Self Care ideas are…

  • Avoid Too Much sugar
  • Stay Away Too Much Caffeine
  • Drink Tea instead of Coffee
  • Spend More Time With Family and Friends
  • Learn The Consequences of Substance Abuse
  • Learn To Deal With Peer Pressure
  • Manage Your Anxiety
  • Talk to Family and Friends
  • Have a Balanced Diet
  • Cut Down on the Use of Technology
  • Stay Away From Social Media
  • Avoid Toxic People and Environments
  • Learn Anxiety Management Skills
  • Insist on Living a Healthy Lifestyle
  • Change Some Habits
  • Remove All Unused Medication Out the House
  • Practice Meditation & Mindfulness
  • Get Help From an Expert
  • Practice Stress Management
  • Do Things in Moderation
  • Learn Your Stressors and Trigger

4. Personal Hygiene

Hygiene is very important and for some fun. Learning how to care for one’s wellness by preventing the spread of disease is an important skill. Most of us know simple hygiene like brushing and showering. But this also includes things like skincare and personal grooming. To some extent, personal hygiene can also correlate to how you feel about your own body. Some Self Care tips include…

  • Brushing Teeth Twice a Day
  • Flossing Your Teeth
  • Shower Daily
  • Wash Your Hands (avoid using hand sanitizers)
  • Practice Some Skincare (because taking care of your self-image is important)
  • Get a Manicure & Pedicure
  • Take Care of Your Hair
  • Try Some Self Care Products
  • Practice Makeup Hygiene
  • Set Reminders for Hygiene
  • Brushing Your Hair (I personally love having my hair brushed & played with)
  • Wear a Fresh Set of Clothes
  • Keep Nails Trimmed
  • Smelling Fresh (using cologne/perfume or essential oils)
  • Use Essential Oils
  • Clean Up Around the House (Clean house, happy house)

5. Mental Health

This section is one I personally feel we all need to focus on because of how important it should be in our lives. One thing we as a society haven’t gotten around to learn properly is proper mental and emotional self-care. The mind can be a very powerful driver in our lives, leading to success or failure. Check out 25 Self Care ideas for Mental Health.

  • 3-Minute Meditation
  • Have a Laugh
  • Practice smiling
  • Venting
  • Avoid Opioids
  • Take a Sick Day
  • Having a good cry
  • Make Time for Yourself
  • What cause you anxiety – and write it down
  • Make a Gratitude List
  • Learn Gratitude
  • Be Patient
  • Avoid Toxic People
  • Tell Others How to Help
  • Keep Boundaries
  • Learn to Say No
  • Keep a Diary
  • Pray or Say a Mantra
  • Build Your Self-esteem
  • Practice Slow Deep Breaths
  • Create an anxiety and panic attack treatment plan (Learn how to cure anxiety today)
  • Step Away from Social Media
  • Use a Planner or Habit Tracker (Here are 25 ready to use Trackers!)
  • Learn Constructively Acceptance
  • Giving to charity
  • Try Journaling (Check out these 12 Prompts to get you started!)
  • Use Positive Motivators (Phrases or words you can repeat to yourself)
  • Visual Ideal Self and reach that goal
  • Visit family and/or friends
  • Do some community service
  • Learning & studying
  • Cultivating awareness
  • Teaching (teaching can be a great way to learn from others)

6. Life Extension

Life extension, in my opinion, is more than longevity and age prevention. Having experiences that can feel like many lifetimes is worth more than one long uneventful one. Learning to enjoy the simple moments, this cultivates awareness and wisdom. These are also perfect self-care activities for groups.

  • Creating a bucket list (small or short)
  • Learn a new hobby or skill
  • Have a Proper Diet
  • Use supplements (Here is our list of best stress and anxiety-relieving supplements)
  • Create a Morning Ritual
  • Have a Plan
  • Go on a Retreat
  • Learn a New Language
  • Travel to a Different Country
  • Go on a Cruise
  • Go Out on Dates
  • Eat Stress Fighting Gummies
  • Revisit Childhood Locations
  • Meet New People
  • Create a Personal Space
  • Get 8 hours of sleep (Learn how yoga can help you sleep like a baby)
  • Complete goals (the feeling of accomplishment is ever so satisfying)
  • Take a Vacation
  • Medical Visits (always stay on top of your health with a professional medical doctor)
  • Watch your weight
  • Creating a health and wellness plan

7. Pain Management

This section involves dealing and managing pain, both physical and mentally. Heartaches can be just as painful as a wound, knowing that is important. We all have our share of pain but let’s not let it get the best of us. Now for some Self Care tips…

  • Massage & self-massage (Here is one great tool for self-massage)
  • Consider Acupuncture
  • Get Better Sleep
  • Prepare a Music playlist (one great way to distract from pain)
  • Get into Comfortable Clothes
  • Doctor visits (not all pain can be fixed with alternative medicine)
  • Write a journal
  • Get Artistic and Draw
  • Vent to someone close
  • Exercise (pain can come from a lack of strength and weakness)
  • Stretch those Muscles
  • Give Yoga a Try
  • Practice Some Tai Chi
  • Try using a TENS Unit for Pain
  • Consider getting a furry friend (playing with small animals can have the most amazing effect on everything)
  • Use Mobility Aids (such as canes, walkers, and wheelchairs)
  • Invest in a Nice Warm Fuzzy Blankey
  • Stretch out those joints
  • Use Cold and Hot Packs
  • Control Inflammation (eat these anti-inflammatory foods, tomatoes, peppers, beets, and salmon)
  • Hot showers

8. Stress Management

Stress management is very important. Just as hypertension is considered the silent killer so is stress. Chronic stress numbers are very high with management skill levels low, this imbalance is one of the many things we must clear up before our stress levels can become better. This is one of the most fun categories, try turning some of these into self-care games. You can get really creative with stress management. Anything goes as long as it relieves stress, and doesn’t affect your health and wellness. Now for some Self Care tips.

  • Watch a Movie
  • Go on a Date
  • Get some Sleep (Try These Tips!)
  • Eat Some Chocolate
  • Make Time for Yourself
  • Make Time for Hobbies
  • Leave Work Early if You Can
  • Make a Stress Jornal
  • Dance it out / Sing it away
  • Aromatherapy
  • Avoid Negative News
  • Watch and Listen to Nature
  • Stretch Out Those Muscles
  • Listen to Music
  • Get Yourself a Planner (Breathe is one of my favorite planners)
  • Order Your Favorite Meal or Food
  • Connect with Nature
  • Lay in the grass
  • Go Get Some Sun
  • Get yourself a Treat or Sweet indulgence
  • Cuddle with a Pet
  • Have a Nice Drink
  • Squeeze a Stress Ball
  • Visualize the Stress away
  • Take a Well Deserved Nap
  • Try Goodbye Stress Gummies
  • Take Short Breaks at Work
  • Bubble Bath with Essential Oils
  • Try to Avoid Burnout
  • Self-grooming
  • Watch Funny Videos
  • Throw away your Chore list for the day
  • Play Games
  • Socialize With Friends/Family
  • Read a Book

9. Self-help and Personal Growth

This category can also be fun and rewarding. Seeing change and growth can change the way you view the world. Making you better aware and in tune with your surroundings. Not only will you feel good but those around you will sense this new self, creating a great atmosphere to be around. Self Care tips are…

  • Getting a life coach
  • Planning your future
  • Increase Your Willpower
  • Dedicate Time for Learning
  • Understand your Strengths and Weaknesses
  • Find Your Motivation
  • Surround Yourself With Positive People
  • Evaluate your Life
  • Don’t Leave Things for the Last minute
  • Get a Hobby
  • Stop Procrastinating
  • Take Actions
  • Seek Support and Encouragement From Others
  • Building Positive Habits (Avoid these 8 Bad Habits)
  • Creating a Financial Plan
  • Time Management
  • Take on Responsibilities
  • Have a proper sleep routine
  • Don’t Limit Yourself
  • Stop Complaining
  • Stop Being Late
  • Avoid Comparing Yourself
  • Change Your Mindset to a Positive One
  • Getting those Finances in Check
  • learning Money Management Skills
  • Visiting a Psychologist
  • Realizing Dreams and Aspirations
  • Learning a Talent or Sharing one

Most of these Self Care ideas might seem like common sense, but the simpler something is the more effective it can be. These categories can get very detailed and long, so I kept it to a shortlist of what can be done for each. Get creative and learn what works for you, the most important thing about Self Care is learning yourself. Let me know what you guys think of this comprehensive post on Self Care ideas.