Natural Vitality’s Calm Gummies Reviews

Calm Magnesium Gummies Reviews

One of the most abundant minerals in the human body, magnesium, plays an important role in numerous bodily functions while also having a number of health benefits. 

Surprise, surprise, that one magnesium benefits are towards naturally treating anxiety and stress. 

While further studies are needed, there is research to suggest magnesium may help fight anxiety.

Studies as recent as 2017 showed that looked and found that magnesium did reduce anxiety & anxiety disorders. 

Anxiety disorders such as mild anxiety, anxiety during premenstrual syndrome, postpartum anxiety, and generalized anxiety.

calm magnesium gummies review

Natural Calm Magnesium Gummies Reviews

Why Calm Magnesium Gummies

So why should you choose Calm Magnesium Gummies over other forms of magnesium supplement?

First, there are some important questions you should ask yourself.

Questions like, do you want to increase energy? Sleep better? Or think more clearly?

It’s important because if your goal is reducing stress and symptoms of anxiety then the right type of magnesium is needed.

Lucky for you I love doing my research, so you can shop with confidence knowing you’re getting exactly what you wanted.

Types Of Magnesium

The type of magnesium you add to your diet is just as important as buying from a high-quality company.

But how many different types of magnesium are there?

- Magnesium Threonate

This form of magnesium crosses the blood-brain barrier easier, making it absorb and act faster.

Mainly used to help focus and cognitive functions like memory.

- Magnesium Chloride

While sounding a little scary, magnesium chloride is mostly used to address overall magnesium deficiency.

It can even come in “spray bottles” form, where you can spray in on your skin to absorb it.

- Magnesium Sulfate

This is probably the most common magnesium found. 

Just go to any grocery store and look for Epson salt, basically pure magnesium sulfate.

Your body doesn’t absorb magnesium sulfate that well but enough to help alleviate sore muscles, while also having a calming effect.

- Magnesium Malate

This type of magnesium is used to help improve energy levels and even overactive nerves.

- Magnesium Glycinate

Magnesium glycinate is highly absorbable in capsule form. Because of this, it can raise your magnesium levels very quickly.

Its calming effect helps improve overall sleep quality.

- Magnesium Citrate

We finally arrive at the type of magnesium inside of every “Natural Calm Magnesium Gummies“.

Magnesium citrate’s calming effect can help improve sleep quality, reduce stress and anxiety symptoms.

The one thing to keep in mind when taking magnesium citrate is its laxative properties.

Take too much and you’ll be making constant trips to the bathroom.

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Calm Magnesium Gummies Ingredients

Magnesium Citrate

The most important ingredient in each Natural Calm Gummies. With each gummy having 83mg of magnesium.

And with more than half of Americans (roughly 68% in the US) lacking enough magnesium in their diets, taking a couple of gummies can be a guiltless treat.

Daily Magnesium Dosage

The chart below shows the recommended daily intake of magnesium, as stated by the National Institute of Health (NIH).

Also, note that daily magnesium requirements can change if…

  • Pregnant
  • Diabetic
  • High Blood Pressure
  • And Diseases and conditions are associated with magnesium deficiency

Vegan Friendly

While this isn’t an individual ingredient, you can shop knowing that everything in each gummy is vegan friendly.

Gluten Free

The same applies here as above. You can buy these gummies knowing that they are gluten-free.

How do Calm Magnesium Gummies Taste?

Natural Vitality’s Calm Gummies are very tasty and are hard to resist and not to enjoy a single one.

They are lightly coated in sugar but are very low in both calories and sugar making them irresistible.

They are raspberry and lemon-flavored, and while some supplement gummies can be very chewy and taste chemically, these surprisingly don’t.

Are These Safe For Kids?

I love it when a company really pays attention to customer’s needs, especially those with children.

While you can do your own research to find out how much magnesium your child can consume, like the chart above, its always nice to have the info readily available.

Hense the back of the bottle or more precisely the Supplement Facts.

They divide the serving size between 1 – 12-year-olds and ages 13 – and above

Letting you know exactly how much of these gummies your child should consume on a given day.

Do Calm Magnesium Gummies Work?

I have tried a lot of gummies (Olly’s Goodbye Stress, and Stressballs De-Stress Gummies) and supplements to manage stress (Stress Fighter).

I have to say that these gummies do leave me feeling a little calmer throughout the day. 

It’s certainly enjoyable, and stress relieving to enjoy a small treat without any guilt due to their low sugar and calorie count.

If you take them at night it could help you fall asleep faster and even have a more peaceful one.

Definitely worth it in my opinion if you’re not getting enough magnesium daily while enjoying a small treat and calming experience.

If you’re terrible with pills supplements, these are the perfect alternative. 


While prices don’t vary much everywhere I looked for Natural Vitality’s Calm Gummies, Walmart seems to be the best place to get these at.

$9.99 for each 50ct bottle, Walmarts price is almost unbeatable.

The only downside to getting them at Walmart is the Count, I could only find the 50ct bottle, while Amazon and other retailers had more variety like 120ct bottles.

With the serving size being at 4 a day, your 50ct bottle can go by fast. Unless you decide to buy multiple.