9 Self Care Tips for Not Burning Out

How to Avoid Burnout: 9 Self Care Tips

Burnout is that awful feeling of exhaustion due to the overwhelming responsibilities of our daily life. Between family & friends, work/school, and endless to-do lists, it’s no wonder that many of us have so much on our plates.

So how do we avoid burnout, while trying to balance our everyday task?

Burnout usually occurs when we lack balance in our lives and start to spread ourselves thin. Fortunately, burnout can be avoided by reserving time in our busy schedules for some self-care

1 | Plan, Simplify, and Schedule

Very important for staying on track and avoid being overwhelmed. Planning out your coming weeks are a great way to stay right on track, and figuring out what takes priority over others.

While making things simple, easy and fun can really speed things up.

Learning organizational skills can really be beneficial when first implementing these steps.

Not only can it help you straighten up your upcoming task but will teach you what really is a priority and a secondary.

2 | Social Media Black Hole

You know what I’m talking about, the things that suck you in and next thing you know it’s been an hour. I am talking about, Pinterest, Facebook, Netflix.

Don’t get me wrong, sometimes these can be exactly the “me time” we need. But, if we are doing this multiple times a day and then stressing over not having enough time to accomplish everything, then we need to re-evaluate our priorities.

Not prioritizing can lead to high amounts of stress or even chronic stress.

Take a day and pay attention to the amount of time you spend on your phone or watching TV.

You would be amazed by the amount of time being spent on these activities. Now that you are aware, see if you can limit that time and use that extra time for something with higher priority.

3 | Take Breaks & Time for Yourself

I am all about taking breaks, and short interludes between work. I find myself start losing steam after 40 minutes of straight work and concentration.

So I get off my chair and take a quick walk, stretch my legs, get a good 5 minutes away from my intense focus.

Sometimes when you are feeling burnt out the best thing is just taking a break and get some fresh air. Even if it seems like it’s never-ending.

If you take time to recharge, you can come back to it invigorated and motivated, rather than trying to tackle everything exhausted.

4 | Meditate

Meditation helps balance your emotions. It helps to better equip you to handle the stress, fear, or frustrations that come with everyday life.

With a clear and quiet mind, you can often find solutions to obstacles that you’re facing in life.

I personally practice what I like to call “Cube Meditation“. Its a type of meditation I learn in school and used ever since.

Or check out the fastest way to learn a meditation practice such as mindfulness here

mindfulness online

Program is called Master Your Mind, and it’s one of the simplest straightforward guided meditation I’ve ever taken.

The lessons are broken down by week so you can follow along easily and helps avoid information overload which is one the reasons maybe people don’t meditate. If you have tried meditating and have not been able to feel its benefits, I recommend paying for a course from a skilled and experienced practitioner.

5 | Just Start

One of the biggest side effects of burn out for me is procrastination. When I feel burnt out the first thing I do is start making excuses.

But, usually, if I can just make myself start one small task on my list, I fall right back into my groove. Sometimes just making yourself start something small is all it takes.

6 | Make a List of Accomplishments

Sometimes my burnout comes from feeling defeated or not seeing results as fast as I want it to be. That negative mindset can be really hard to shake.

It can be drowning if you let yourself get caught up in self-doubt and negativity. A trick I use is to create a list of all the accomplishments, big and small, I have had so far.

7 | Remember Your WHY

Never lose sight of your WHY or what your BIG picture is. When I feel burnt out, one thing that lights a fire in me is remembering WHY I want something.

8 | Stop Being Afraid of Asking For Help

Sometimes we find it hard to ask for help, or at least I do! But honestly, sometimes its simply that easy. My partner is quick to take things off my plate, and she happily will, all I have to do is ask.

But, I personally tend to hate asking for help. It is silly and irrational, but it’s true. So ask for help or support when you can. The people in your life who love you will always be happy to be there and help.