32 Amazing Self Care Package Ideas

Amazing Self-Care Package Gift Ideas

There’s no present more valuable to someone than the gift of some quality stress-relieving me-time. 

If you are looking for self-care package ideas, this list should be for you or your loved ones.
Self Care is keeping ourselves happy, fulfilled, and healthy. 

But we must take action for anything to change.
So if you or a friend are having a hard time finding time to give to self-care, this list should give you some amazing ideas for the future.
Here are 30 self-care package ideas to give as a present.

1. Stress Fighting Supplement

REBL Jane stress reliever pills

This may look like any normal stress supplement, but Believe me, it’s not.

Stress Fighter is the absolute best of the best I’ve ever had the pleasure of trying, and I’ve tried a lot of things.

Don’t believe me, use the coupon BRYAN15 and try it for yourself.

Or get it for a friend or loved one and watch them thank you from the bottom of their heart for this amazing supplement.

2. Self-Care Journal

Self-Care Journal

I talk about journaling a lot here at Unwind Therapies, and for good reasons. 

It’s the perfect place to let out everything you’ve been holding in without fear of judgment.

You can do it with a diary, planner, or even a workbook. 

Whichever you choose for you or for a friend, they will be well on their way to happiness.

My favorite planners are Blessing Manifesting’s “Self Love Planner” and one of the best anxiety workbooks, the “Breathe Workbook“. 

3. A Jar Full of Smiles

self care basket ideas

There’s nothing more thoughtful and personable than a jar full of handwritten notes from a loved one.

So Pull out your crafting kits and prepare for a little fun DIY project for a friend. 

But if you’re short on time, you can get this cute “Jar of Smiles“.

It’s pre-made with all the positive affirmations anyone can need, and you can always fill it up with your own personally made notes.

4. A Cookie Baking Kit

Holiday Jar of Cookies

One of the cutest gifts to give to someone is a ready-to-bake cookie kit, with all the ingredients to make their favorite cookies in little cure mason jars. 

This takes away the hassle of preparing the ingredients and looking up recipes.

Especially during the holiday season.

5. Meditation Course

mindfulness online

Now, this gift is a little out of the box, but if you have a friend who wants to learn meditation or is actively trying to learn this is perfect.

Buying a mindfulness course completely cuts all the wasted energy trying to learn meditation from youtube.

My suggestion to beginners is to learn meditation from an experienced teacher.

6. Book A Retreat

Self-Care Retreat

If you or your loved one prefer being out and about, how about a little trip. 

And while you’re at it why not make it a self-care trip.

BookRetreats.com has so many unique trip opportunities.

And it’s one of the most popular sites for booking Meditation retreats, Yoga retreats, and Detox retreats.

Add one of these trips to your self-care package ideas list today!

7. A Motivational Mug

self care basket ideas

No better way to remind someone to stay positive than with their morning coffee!

This motivational “You’ve Got This” mug can be someone’s constant reminder to be confident and happy.

8. Peppermint Chocolate

Fun Ways to Relieve Stress at Work Using Peppermint

York peppermint chocolates are my favorite, and one of my favorite fun ways to relieve stress at work and at home.

The chocolate itself is stress relieving, the peppermint provides a burst of minty energy.

Perfect for those who love this combination.

9. A Motivational Wall Print

self care package gift ideas

Visual reminders to stay positive can be really powerful.

They are a great way to lift anyone’s mood, so why not gift someone this…

Remember Why You Started” wall print with a motivational quote.

10. DIY Light Box

self care package gift ideas

Lightboxes are such a nice addition to your bedroom.

It’s the perfect night light with cute words and quotes for encouragement.

Who wouldn’t enjoy having this cute little gift in their house?

11. Inspirational Friendship Cards

self care package gift ideas

Gifts don’t always have to be expensive or even grandioso. 

Sometimes a few words of encouragement, love, and affection can be the best thing anyone can receive.

These cards all have different inspirational and motivational messages, perfect for friends and loved ones.

12. Inspirational Quotes Cards

Fun Ways to Relieve Stress at Work Using Cards

Do you like quotes? How about small little cute boxes? better yet all of the above.

This is a perfect gift for anyone that checks of any of these ‘boxes’ above, get it, its a pun. 

One of my favorite self-care package ideas for sure.

13. A Motivational Quote Pin

self care package gift ideas

One pin can be a cute accessory to any outfit you’re wearing. 

But how about a whole pin set, imagine the jealousy in their eyes.

Honestly, it’s a great way to stay motivated where ever you are in the world because it’ll always be on your person.

14. A Premium Skincare Package

Self-Care Skincare

While I mostly focus on mental health, self-care is also part physical. 

I personally get the best of the best when it comes to a gift for myself or loved ones.

So getting a premium skincare package just seems like the logical choice, especially for someone I care about.

Treat that special someone right with “Dr.Perry’s Skincare Package“.

15. An Aromatherapy Candle

Aromatherapy candles

Candles can be hit or miss with me, but aromatherapy is one of my favorites. 

I personally use it a lot in my massage business.

Why not have some warm inviting scents in your room to improve your mood and add to the relaxation.

16. Aromatic Bath Salts

Bath Salts for Self-Care

Doesn’t a warm, fragrant scented, bath sound lovely? 

Most people already use warm baths and bath salts for self-care. 

And they also add them to their list of self-care package ideas.

I think its time you or a friend get introduced into one amazing self-care practice. 

SpaLife Bath Salts are my favorite, why not give them a try.

17. Essential Oil Gift-Set

Essential Oils for Sleep

Like I said earlier aromatherapy is one of my favorite tools to use during a massage. 

So essential oils are like my best friends.

From using them in aroma diffusers to incorporating them into my massage oils. 

You can use them for a number of things like sleep, stress, and relaxation.

18. Have Afternoon Tea Party

Tea Party

Tea has so many benefits to our health so its no wonder it’s on this list. 

And it’s one of the lower cost gifts on this list as well.

Set up some nice cakes, cookies, and treat along with an assortment of teas. 

From green tea to chai, rooibos red tea, and even ginger tea.

I wrote an amazing post/guide on green tea here and an amazing list of the tastiest rooibos tea’s out there here.

19. You Are A Badass Book

Self Help Book

This is the best self-help book for people wanting to improve their lives. 

And it’s one I personally received as a gift.

 So I can tell you from personal experience “You Are A Badass” is an amazing gift to give.

20. A Cozy Blanket

Warm Blanket

I just love soft woolen blankets. 

Being under them while watching your favorite Netflix show is practically my religion.
And the best part is they come in so many shapes, sizes, materials, it makes it impossible to choose one.

21. A Gourmet Chocolate Box

Gourmet Chocolate

Everyone loves chocolate!

You’re guaranteed to win the best gift of the year with a Luxurious Chocolate Box

They are so perfect you might just have to buy another one for yourself!

22. Fuzzy Pajamas


Just like cozy blankets, the next best warm gift is a nice fuzzy PJ

These are nice little gifts around the holidays like Christmas.

If you have a friend that loves sleepovers or partying too hard at your place, this is a perfect thing to keep around the house for them.

23. Water Bottle Tracker

Self-Care water bottle

Encourage a loved one to stay hydrated with this thoughtful water bottle

It has helpful reminders for them on how much water they need daily.

This is especially important for anyone trying to reduce stress, weight loss, problems with headaches, and staying overall healthy.

24. An Aromatic Room Diffuser

Fun Ways to Relieve Stress at Work Using Diffuser

Along with your gift of essential oils why not add in an Aroma Diffuser

These are great for small rooms and create a wellness environment.

It’s like having a scented candle, except without the wax and fire. 

The one I love using is the VicTsing 3rd Version Aromatherapy Diffusers.

25. A Luxury Night Cream

Skincare cream
When it comes to skincare, getting something premium goes a long way. 
I would rather spend a pretty penny on something that works.

This can make the most wonderful gift for a friend. 

It shows how deeply you care for their health and skin. 
They might even return the favor.

26. Pillow Spray

Pillow Spray for Better Sleep

Sleep is so important for not only energy levels but also stress, memory, growth, and overall mental health.

If you or someone have trouble sleeping, try using a pillow spray

Simple to use, just spray across your pillow every night for some deep sleep.

If you suffer or a loved one suffers from sleepless nights due to anxiety, I have just the thing.

We wrote a short 4 minute read on how to not only get some sleep but 5x better sleep even when anxious.

27. Rose Gold Headphones

Music is another self-care practice many people use, music affects a person’s mood after all.

While I am not per se an audiophile, I do love clean and clear sounds. 

So I spend the extra for quality sound.
Why not treat a friend to a brand new pair, say some Rose Gold Wireless Earbuds?
Personally I love Sennheiser’s headphones, but they can be out of the price range for many people.

28. An Inspirational Phone Case

Inspirational Phone Case

We spend so much of our time looking at our phones, using them, playing with them. 

So why not use them for self-care too?

Get a loved one any of these inspirational phone cases, so that every time they look at their phones they are reminded of your love.

29. Inspirational Pop Socket

Same as a phone case, use your phone’s real estate to your advantage.
A pop socket is a small gift, but perfect as one of your self-care package ideas for a friend.

30. A Face Mask Gift Set

No self-care is complete without a night of luxury.

Gift your friend this Face Mask Gift Set to end their night in both luxury and pampering, trust me they will love you for it.

31. Delicious Gummies for Hair & Nails

While I don’t personally have experience with these gummies, they are all the rave with my mom and sisters.

My mom even said they helped her clear up little bald spots on her head, so I know she’s a happy customer.

If your friend loves to maintain their hair, nails, and skin, buy them “Nature’s Bounty Hair & Nails Gummies“.

32. Delicious Gummies for Stress

Fun Ways to Relieve Stress at Work Using Gummies

How about something that’s both tasty and stress relieving? Well, these gummies are it!

They are wonderfully tasty, you’ll probably eat the whole lot if they weren’t supplements. 

These make for wonderful office gifts for a friend.

Olly’s Stress Gummies” come in a small bottle, making super easy to travel with and are a treat to eat.

33. Amazing Magnesium Gummies

Natural Vitality’s Calm Gummies Reviews

Magnesium is one of those minerals where you either have enough or don’t. 

It plays a large role in our bodies and is a very versatile mineral helping you manage… 

  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Constipation
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Helps with PMS symptoms

Get your loved one some magnesium, they might just be deficient in it.

Self Care Package Ideas