8 Simple Ways to Destress and love stress free

8 Simple Stress Management Activities

Life can be crazy, especially when you’re juggling work, school, responsibilities, and what seems like a never-ending list of chores. Being this active with so many ways life can throw a curveball, it’s easy to let stress build-up.

Going to the spa sounds great but it can get very costly, believe an insider. We all need a way to relieve stress, and stress management activities are perfect for the job. I preach about Self Care a lot, for good reason too. It’s the most effective way of managing stress, especially chronic stress. Now, how about we learn a few stress management activities.

Think About Everything Important

Stop. Think of all the important things in your life. Remember fun memories with friends and family. Sometimes taking a trip down memory lane is needed to remember our passion for something or spark a fire in us. Think of this stress management activity as meditating or daydreaming, and set some time aside for it. Its only fair for you and others.

For some great meditation guidance, check out 7-minute meditation.

Take 5 Minutes and Breath

Lock yourself in the room or hide somewhere private. Close your eyes and slowly breathe in. Then slowly breathe out. Do this 5 times or until you feel yourself calming down. It also helps to lightly stretch or think of soothing words while breathing.

Put Some Music On

Music can always make things more interesting. Whether you’re jamming as you do some chores or soothing peaceful music when you’re trying relaxing, music is great. When writing all my post I personally have music playing, sometimes it gets my creativity flowing and makes the job more enjoyable.

Have A Friend

Even if you’re generally anti-social and prefer to be holed up at home (I’d rather hibernate all year long), I recommend you get out there and see those lovely people. Try to socialize with someone outside of work. Go to a karaoke bar, have dinner, go bowling. The key here is to spend time with someone who will distract you and ease your mind.

Enjoy A Special Treat

I look forward to my Ice Caramel latte every afternoon. It gives me an energy boost and an excuse to go outside and get some fresh air. It’s one of my personal favorite stress management activities. For me its both a short break from my workload in the afternoon as well as an energy boost to continue without burning out.

Stress management activities
5 Simple Stress Busters

If you suffer from severe Anxiety and Chronic Stress I would check out Panic Away. It has helped so many people, and I want you to be one of them as well.


Find something to laugh about, more importantly, smile. Join a friend and/or family and watch a funny video, read out cheesy jokes, or reminisce funny moments. Watch a comedy or stand up show later that evening, they say laughter is the best medicine for a reason.

Check out this life hack to get you to smile more!

Get Some Fresh Air

My afternoon latte run is also one way I use to get fresh air. Even a few minutes can be really powerful when it comes to de-stressing. Even if it’s in the middle of winter, a few minutes of cold air can really help to rejuvenate you. (I personally love winter, the cold air really wakes me up)

Think Positive

This is one of my Kryptonite, as I always am totally hard on myself. Its one of my stress management activity I need to stay on top off. We are our worst critiques, it’s true, but everyone should remember that we have something amazing inside of us. If you start thinking negatively, stop yourself! Instead, try to think about everything good that’s happened that day. Even on your toughest days, you can always find a little bit of light if you look close enough.