Morning Habits

8 Morning Habits You Should Stop Doing

There are plenty of reasons why everyone should have morning habits. I would even go as far as to say that your morning can dictate how the rest of your day will go.

Morning habits are a powerful thing and when healthy ones are developed, a successful person is sure to be born. But at the same time habits can be the reason we are held back from our potential. So let’s look at 8 habits that do just that.

8 Morning Habits You Should Stop Doing
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Checking Social Media In The Morning

If you wake up in the morning and the first thing on your mind is to reach for your phone and check social media, you need to stop. Social media is what I like to call a black hole, and just like a black hole once you’re in, it’s hard to get out.

When your goal is being productive in the morning the worst thing you could do is grab your phone and start checking your feeds. If your anything like me, you tend to go through social media while in bed. We all know 10 minutes on social media is like an hour. Get some breakfast, have a quick workout, read a book, these actions will help prepare you for the day then treat yourself on those feeds.

Eating An Unhealthy Breakfast

Most of us including myself usually eat breakfast that has sugar and/or simple carbs. Very hard habit to kick, especially since its been my diet for most of my years.

How do I make sure I’m eating a healthy breakfast every morning? Well, there is one solution that I love, and that’s bulk prepping. Bulk prepping is taking one or two days to prepare your meals for the following week. This can have so many benefits from saving you time to making sure your morning is filled with a healthy meal.

Hitting The Snooze Button

We both knew this was coming. So why should you stop hitting the snooze? Two reasons. One, you interrupt one sleep cycle to then attempt starting a new one. Two, psychologically “You are declaring defeat first thing in the morning”.

You had set an intention/goal the night before to wake up at an appointed time. One great tip to avoid this is by waking up as soon as you hear your alarm go off. It will definitely be something to get used to but it will be a life-changer.


Now, this is something I personally struggle with and something I always need to be conscious of. Believe it or not, the words you chose to use can have a very real effect on your state of mind, mood, emotions, and interactions with those around you. It’s so much better to think positively, it can change a really bad day into a good one, trust me.

Being Late

This is one of my biggest fears and something I make sure doesn’t happen for various reasons. Not only is being late rude to others but being late also puts you in a state of “Rushing”. This puts so much extra stress on you physically and mentally.

One tip to avoiding being late is to always target 15 minutes early before any appointed time. This will keep you from playing catch up and help you stay ahead of the curve.

Leaving Things for The Last Minute

Just like being late, leaving things for the last minute also puts you in a state of “Rushing”. Not only are you working double the pace to finish something, but you also take on so much emotional stress. Anxiety and stress build-up, which makes you slower at finishing, which makes you work harder leading to more stress and anxiety. Textbook definition of a vicious cycle.

One tip here is just to be proactive rather than reactive. Plan ahead and make sure those deadlines don’t creep up on you.

Starting Your Day With Negative News

If you’re someone who begins their day watching or reading negative news, you should be cautious. Now keeping yourself up to date isn’t a bad thing. But when most of your morning is spent reading terrible news, your mental state will definitely start leaning towards a negative one.

A negative mindset will just send you down a dark path, making life stressful and wasting a ton of energy and time. Doing this for long periods of time can cause you some serious chronic stress.

Waking Up At Different Time’s

I personally am guilty of this last morning habit here. Not only has this impacted my own quality of sleep but also my natural sleeping rhythm. Having a consistent schedule has so many benefits and can increase your focus tenfold. I highly recommend keeping a consistent schedule, and no slacking off on those days off.

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